About Us

We are a group of smart people

ChrisDev is a Trinidad and Tobago based Python/Django-development shop with over 10 years of experience in the field information architecture, database systems, user interface design, content management systems, financial, analytical and data mining systems.  ChrisDev has worked on a diverse range of projects for clients in industries such as Finance, Government as well as startups covering areas such as: market-data acquisition & reporting, financial news, index generation, data mining, forecasting and charting. ChrisDev also designs and builds more traditional websites and apps. ChrisDev also providing hosting, maintenance  and promotional services.

ChrisDev is a strong supporter of open source and we are at the lead of several projects on GitHub and have significant contributions to a number of other open source projects.

Our Team

Christopher Clarke
Founder and CTO
Lendl Smith
Front-end Engineer