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  • We Design, Build, Host &
    Maintain Applications & Websites

    We're a small team of professionals who love solving challenging
    problems and delivering innovative solutions.


    We can help your organization build a great website or application using Django→ or Python→. We run our own managed hosting platform. Our team can help you with:

    • Design & UX development
    • Content Management
    • Deployment & hosting
    • Monitoring and Measurement

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    PostgreSQL→ is the most advanced open source database. We've been using and helping clients with PostgreSQL since 2002. We can help with:

    • Installation & configuration
    • Data Architecture
    • Data modeling
    • High availability & replication
    • Performance tuning
    • Administration
    • Development
    • Hardware estimation


    ChrisDev has over 8 years of experience supporting major Linux distributions like REHL and Ubuntu We help customers with:

    • System administration
    • Migration support
    • Virtualization
    • Cloud hosting & VPS services
    • High availability & failover


    ChrisDev has built a number of analytical and forecasting solutions for regulators, investment banks and statistical agencies These covered areas such as:

    • Market Data Systems
    • Economic Indexes & Indicators
    • Statistical data processing
    • Charting and reporting
    • Modeling and forecasting